Organic Seeds

Due to Organic seeds getting harder to find, we at urban gypsy australia thought it was high time we sold a good reliable source of organic seeds, for a better planet.

Our seeds are certified with “Organically Grown Australia” (OGA) No 760a.

  • Australian grown, Australian picked
  • 100% Non-Hybrid, Non GMO
  • Open pollinated seeds
  • Packed chemical free

Designed to get the variety of food seeds sustainable for the future of our planet.

They have characteristics of great flavour, higher nutritional value, strong genetic make-up, longer harvesting periods, they help to maintain Bio-diversity, and of course you can save your own seed for next year’s crop. All seeds are non-hybrid & non GMO.

Each pack has the details of the plant, how to grow, what time of year to plant and the best way to grow the plants.

The seeds are source and package in Taree Queensland Australia.

Please check the import permissions needed for each package you buy. It is your responsibility for the protection of other crops in your area. Most seeds can be grown in any area in Australia, if there is restriction we will place notes up in capitals to make it clear they should not be sent to your state or country. We try and source seeds that can be grown anywhere, but unfortunately sometimes this is not possible.

We will send them, if you buy them. And if customs get them before you, and decide to keep them, we are sorry but we will not issue refunds. So please check you can bring them in to your state or country and there will not be a problem. Again we try to source seeds that can be grown in all states of Australia.

Have fun sharing seeds and growing food.