Healing Cancer From The Inside Out Book

A subject such as cancer has many variables and details which cannot be adequately dealt with in a film.

After releasing the film, of the same name, which we sell many people asked Mike to write a book which would provide the details cancer patients and those with an interest in cancer needed, the result is this book.

The first part of the book delves into the details behind the failure of conventional treatments and provides a shocking portrait of just how unsuccessful current treatments really are.

This will provide invaluable guidance to cancer patients struggling with treatment decisions. Unfortunately, this information is not available from any hospital or cancer organization, yet it comes from the finest research available today. And, in fact, not a single person in the cancer industry disputes these terrible failure rates.

What the first part does is explain how and why treatments with such incredibly low rates of success are still being used today – and why any other treatment with similar failure rates would be taken off the market. In contrast, it also shows how successful nutritional treatments have been in reversing cancers. When comparing success rates, nutritional treatments win hands-down.

The second part of the book provides an explanation of how cancer can, in fact, be reversed naturally through diet and lifestyle changes. It details how high acidity, low nutrient/oxygen levels, high blood sugar, high cholesterol levels and high hormonal levels all “feed” cancer cells and why such a cellular environment is the product of the typical “healthy” American diet.

It also explains how to change that environment in order to rebuild your immune system, while simultaneously changing the basic biochemistry of your body so it can fight cancer.

The remaining parts of the book explain the Rave Diet, a tailored and optimised diet to fit the needs of cancer patients in order to get the maximum nutritional bang for the calorie buck.

It is based exclusively on whole plant foods and offers literally thousands of food choices.

It is a how-to-book with practical tips and suggestions and over 200 recipes so you can easily make the food part of your everyday diet.

It discusses the good, bad and ugly aspects of supplementation, why certain popular supplements should not be taken and why certain not-so-popular supplements should be taken.

It dispels some myths regarding supplements interfering with conventional treatments, as well as many other topics, such as the controversy over soy and breast cancer.

" Dynamite " – T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. The China Study

Mike Anderson is a medical researcher, author and filmmaker, and is the author of two books and two award-winning films, Healing Cancer From Inside Out and Eating, which we sell here at urban gypsy australia.

The book is not only easy to read, but entertaining, informative and inspirational.

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