Whale Wars - Sea Shepherd Season 1

Whale Wars – Operation Migaloo, Animal PlanetThe Whale Wars Season 1

This is where it all started ……. Animal Planet and Sea Shepherd joined forces to highlight the slaughter going on in the southern oceans.

The DVD takes you on a three-month adventure. The activists dedicated to saving endangered sea creatures battle poachers as they go head to head in these incredible episodes.

Filmed across the very icy and cold Antarctic on a mission to save lives.

Join Captain Paul Watson and his eclectic crew of “eco-pirates” as they embark on an intense nautical adventure.
Their goal? To eradicate whaling, poaching, shark finning, and habitat destruction by any means necessary.

Follow these dedicated activists on a three-month, adrenaline-fueled hunt across the icy Antarctic waters as they seek out Japanese ships that slaughter sea animals in the name of research. Captain Watson and his Sea Shepherd Conservation Society wage war against these giant Japanese ships and put their lives at risk to protect the creatures that they love.

The Whale Wars 2 disk DVD pack is a captivating seven-part series, allow the Animal Planet crews to capture all the drama as it unfolds including multiple engagements, capsizing, possible hostage-taking and an alleged shooting. Don’t miss a gripping moment of Whale Wars !

REGION 4 2 DVD SET © 2009 Approx 295 minutes

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